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Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Disclaimer: You should check with your physician before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

The world of fitness has exploded in the last couple of decades. From Richard Simmons to Cross Fit®, there’s more information about fitness in today’s world than ever before. With a plethora of competing strategies and philosophies, getting started can be a daunting task. With exercise’s prevalence in popular culture, there are thousands of experts, trainers, and instructors all vying for your attention and your dollars. With more fitness professionals than ever before, there are bound to be some “bad ones” out there. But don’t be discourage from starting your fitness journey. This article aims at helping sort this all out in the hopes that you’ll feel better prepared and more confident entering the vast waters of the wild fitness world.

What is a Personal Trainer? This may read as a simple question but there’s a lot to what a Personal Trainer does or should do. Many trainers have certifications and specialties that range from general exercise to Olympic-styled training. A trainer needs an accredited certification, CPR certification, insurance, and an environment geared towards your success. A trainer is your guide and your resource center. They will help develop healthy goals and motivate you to stay on track. Most importantly, they are there to keep you safe. An injury – especially from exercising – can set you back even further from where you started. If you already have an injury or any medical conditions, a trainer is even more important to ensuring a safe and effective workout plan. Remember, most fitness trainers aren’t medical professionals and you should always consult with your doctor while on a fitness regimen. A personal trainer cannot legally diagnose injuries or give you medical advice.

Not all trainers are the same. Some are very personable but lack the attention to detail you desire. Others can transform high-schoolers into professional athletes but have a challenging time conveying the basics. If you are looking to lose weight, get started on an exercise routine, and looking for general guidance and motivation, you will want to hire a personal trainer who you like and trust. Don’t worry too much about what awards they’ve won or who they’ve trained before you. A trainer who is right for your friend won’t be right for you. When first sitting down with a trainer, ask them about their credentials and research testimonials about them to ensure that they are worth your investment.

Cost is also a major factor in determining which trainer you will hire. There are several different strategies in going about starting with a trainer. For starters, ask them questions like:

Can I meet with you for a consultation?

Would you be able to give me a fitness assessment?

Could I get a preview of your training style?

Can you show me a couple exercises to get me started?

With financials figured out, the next step is establishing trust with your trainer. It is your choice if the trainer can touch you during training sessions but keep in mind that not all trainers ask. Trainers are focused on you and ensuring your form is correct to prevent potential injury and to make each exercise as effective as possible.

Hiring a trainer can be a scary proposition. Ask yourself, how much is this worth to me? Think of it this way, hiring a trainer is an investment in your success. Budget your fitness expenses like you would anything else. If you are ready to start or to continue your fitness journey, then you should focus on removing doubt and saying no to excuses. For many of us it isn’t the fitness that’s too difficult, it’s the discipline. We can easily persuade ourselves to skip the gym, even if we know we should just do it. Don’t fail yourself. Scheduling each session ahead of time is a fantastic way to overcome the difficulties of following through. If you do miss a session or take an extra day off, don’t let guilt take over. Reschedule with your trainer and don’t let yourself put it off again. A trainer’s main job is to keep you honest with yourself and to be a bridge towards discovering how commitment to yourself will reward you with the life you deserve.

If you sense you’ve been wasting money on gym memberships, constantly feeling weak and out of shape, embarrassed anytime you step on a scale or try on clothing, and powerless to do anything about it – take a deep breath and find a trainer that’s right for you and invest in your success. You are awesome and it’s time to prove it to yourself. Thanks for reading.


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