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5 Upsides to Group Fitness

1. It’s a Social Gathering

You will meet more people and make tons of new friends. This is especially great for people who may have a harder time motivating themselves for fitness. It gives you another reason to show up and get a great workout in. It is very common to see the same people in your classes every week and gives you more support. Being in a larger group will allow you to take things at more of your pace. Noticing others working hard may also be a great motivational factor and you may push yourself a bit harder even if you don’t notice you are. Get a buddy and exchange contact information. Having a friend that is experiencing the same thing you are will make fitness easier and a lot more fun.

2. The Thinking is Done for You

You won’t have to spend time and energy struggling to put a workout together. That’s the instructor’s job, which means all you have to do is show up. There are many different types and styles of Group Fitness and even more instructors with their own spin on things. It is important to find an instructor that you like and trust but never be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Always introduce yourself to any new instructor and let them know of any injuries or pains so they can help you through it. Before and after class is a great time to speak with the instructor and the better they know you, the more the class will be to your liking.

3. Knowledge is Power

Once you learn some routines, you can always do them on your own. Ask the instructor if you can have a copy of one of their workouts. If they have it, try to get the class routine you most recently took. Exercise forms and ques will be easier to remember and repeat. If you want more in depth knowledge on exercises, see if the instructor can do a one-on-one training with you. It is never a bad idea to have a rapport with your instructor. If you find a style you like, research it further. Homework was the worst when in school but it’s a lot more fun with fitness.

4. Creating Healthy Habits

Having fitness in your schedule keeps your goals on track. Remember, this is a date with yourself. Try to keep the same fitness schedule every week to get your mind and body geared toward success. There will be days where the last thing you want to do is work out. Those are the days that a Group Fitness class is truly spectacular. Missing a class you’ve been consistently attending isn’t the end, just go to the next one. Just be respectful to yourself and your body. Fitness is a solution that makes you feel at your best.

5. It’s Cost Effective

Getting a great workout emptying the wallet is always an amazing feeling. Just because it’s comparably inexpensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in your success. Find out ahead of time what you will need to bring to the class. Most fitness facilities will have most of the gear you’ll need. Comfort is essential for any workout. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable workout clothes so they don’t distract you from your workout. Buy a workout mat if the class uses them. Fitness facilities do their best to clean their mats but at times it can be difficult, especially if there are several classes in a row. Bring or buy water to keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated. If your facility will allow, book the class you want ahead of time. This will help keep you on the path to fitness and success. Also, some facilities will give you a discount for committing early. Spending a little cash but getting a ton of value is at the heart of what Group Fitness is.


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